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broez, brouez, brouets plural of broet, brouet (French brouet ‘gruel’), from breu, from *brodittum, a diminutive of vulgar Latin *brodum, from Germanic *brod ‘sauce’ (English broth).


  • /bɹu:ɪs/


  1. a kind of broth thickened with bread or meal
    • 1885: (...) an hundred dishes of poultry besides other birds and brewises, fritters and cooling marinades. — Richard Burton, The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol. 5
    • 1964: (...) he recounteth the horror of their deathless punishment in hellfire (as seen by him in his vision), a burning stinking brewis of venomed maggots and toothed worms that do gnaw to the very pia mater. — Anthony Burgess, Nothing Like The Sun
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